The New Samsung Continuum

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Even though the Samsung Continuum has not yet become officially available for purchase in the United States, many people have already begun to seek information about the features and bonuses it is likely to contain. It is known that the Samsung Continuum will be released on November the 18th by Verizon, and it is known that the smart phone is expected to continue the recent trend of high quality affordable smart phones for beginners and intermediate smart phone users. However, there are still many questions about the notable features of the Samsung Continuum, and these are the questions this article intends to answer. The Samsung Continuum will have some noticeable features that makes it a great purchase.

First of all, the Samsung Continuum will not deviate from the trend set years ago of including Google’s small but incredibly efficient operating system for smart phone everywhere, Android. The Continuum will likely feature the 2.1 release of Android, which will allow users to take full advantage of the numerous features offered by Google, including mail, chat services, calendar services, and even document services. Of course, if you do not want to use Google’s applications and just want to use Android, you will have that choice too when you buy the Samsung Continuum.

Regardless of which operating system you use on your Samsung Continuum, you are likely to be impressed by the 3.4 inch screen it is expected to feature. Just like any screen on smart phones today, the Continuum will have a touch screen with a fully digital keyboard for convenience. Like the smart phones offered by Samsung, the screen will have their super AMOLED display, which should give you a crisp and clear picture for movie watching, video conferencing, or even run of the mill texting.

As with other smart phones released by Samsung, there are expected to be all kinds of accessories available for you to purchase, such as a high quality case to keep your smart phone from suffering a not so smart end due to a chance encounter with a concrete floor on your way out the door. You will also be able to buy extra chargers so you can keep talking while you are on the go, as well as extra batteries, cases, screen protectors, and hands free handsets.

Speaking of batteries, the battery is expected to continue the trend in battery power offered by similar Samsung smart phones in their Galaxy 5 line, such as the soon to be released Zeal and the recently released Galaxy and Mesmerize. In other words, you should expect somewhere around 58 hours of standby time when the phone is not in use, and around 4 to 5 hours of actual talk time when you want to speak to people. Of course, the exact amount of time you get in each mode will depend on various factors, such as your screen brightness or the strength of your battery.

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The New Samsung Continuum

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This article was published on 2010/12/12