The Introduction Of Cpfr Model Samsung "chain Together" Best Buy

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Samsung Electronic CPFR is planning to extend the well-known domestic circulation enterprises and co-operation, negotiations were currently being explored.

2009 5 15, Samsung Electronics and

Best Buy Formally signed in Beijing on collaborative replenishment (CollaborativePlanning, Forecasting, andReplenishment hereinafter referred to as CPFR) protocol. Under the plan, in early 2010 that the agreement will officially run stable implementation to

Five Star . Supply chain collaboration According to "electrical" reporter has learned, CPFR concept originated in Europe and the United States, and later many enterprises have been introduced. Among them, Wal-Mart (WallMart) and Procter & Gamble (P & G) companies CPFR alliance is a successful example. With CPFR is considered the most effective management of SCM mode, the flow of the original inadequate business relationship with suppliers began to improve coordination. CPFR is through cooperation with suppliers and customers to jointly develop

Sell Plan, share data, it relates to the supply chain, is the all-round cooperative reform. According to CPFR agreement, Samsung Electronics and Best Buy co-management in the supply chain, procurement and inventory forecasting, share customer information, and to update and change information corresponding to the customer, providing quality assurance to consumers

Service . Samsung Electronics and Best Buy, the official said, CPFR implementation of the agreement the two companies will bring the success of supply chain management, operations, and the establishment of mutual interest to ensure a win-win relationship, will also be a positive impact on society .

From North America to China "We hope that through this mutually beneficial, win-win cooperation model, the first time for Chinese consumers the latest technology products and solutions." Best Buy Asia president and chief operating officer, said Yang Ming too.

Samsung China Investment Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch Vice President Pak Man He also said that foreign retailers CPFR has now universal recognition, it has a very mature implementation. The CPFR supply chain is still in its infancy in China, Chinese retailers just beginning to touch, learn and explore. Samsung Electronics and Best Buy's CPFR cooperation has been successful in North America, so they want a success in the China case, can this high-end collaborative approach to CPFR into Chinese.

Since 2004, Samsung Electronics first in North America and Best Buy start CPFR collaboration. So far, Samsung has 38 North American and European retail distribution channels CPFR collaboration, benefit is significant. Co-operation from the beginning of 2004 so far, Samsung Electronics sales increased 400%, 64% of logistics inventory reduction, forecast accuracy is the order of 47% from 2005 to 2008 increased 93%, and timely arrival rate from 71% in 2005 increased to 85% in 2008, inventory to meet the rate from 78% in 2005 increased to 92% in 2008, early stocking cycle from 11 weeks in 2005 down to 2008 for 4 weeks.

Greater China, Samsung Group President Pugen Xi said: "Samsung Electronics and Best Buy through this partnership, the first time CPFR into China's electronics industry sales and circulation enterprises and supply will become an excellent business model, convinced that will set off flowed. "

In addition, Samsung Electronics official said, Samsung is willing and more Chinese retailers CPFR project cooperation, and jointly promote the China consumer electronics industry areas and circulation efficiency. Samsung Electronics is planning to expand to CPFR and domestic well-known co-circulation enterprises, now the negotiations were being explored.

Speaking of the current channels and local Chinese companies to carry out what are the barriers to CPFR collaboration, the Park Wen He said: "Although China's current information technology and foreign countries still lags far behind, but I think the key is to achieve supply chain of trust and transparency, cooperation and win-win consensus. cooperation requires mutual recognition, as long as the concept of consensus, a technical basis, we are willing to cooperate with more business. "

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The Introduction Of Cpfr Model Samsung "chain Together" Best Buy

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