Samsung LED: The new dimension of television

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After LCD TVs, the next plausible step in the evolution of home entertainment was the development of LED TVs, and Samsung, with an entire army of televisions with this kind of technology, has taken the market by storm as always.

The first most striking feature of Samsung LED TVs if the fact that one can bring home a movie theatre at the touch of a button. The content is liberated from the boundaries of the television and comes charging at the viewer to engulf him/her in a world of fiction that looks as real as can be. Further, even regular 2D sports broadcasts and soap operas can be taken to the next level by converting them to 3D. Also, the 3D HyperReal engine makes sure that nothing comes between the viewer, and an out of this world 3D experience, by enabling Super 3C Realisation to deliver better sound and picture quality. Also, the universal remote of the Samsung LED TV controls pretty much every AV device in the house, besides the TV and the set-top box. One can even take control of PC content wirelessly, as the DNA Support feature allows the user to search the list of PC contents via thumbnail images.

Sharing visual content with friends and family is a breeze with the All Share technology, as one can transfer music, videos and photos from a PC or mobile device with the push of a button without any wires. The Internet@TV feature connects a person with the rest of the world via the internet on a large screen. One can organise, add and delete content from the Samsung Applications library, as well as make internet video calls in some LED TV models. Also, the on-screen display QWERTY keyboard makes social networking and searching for files extremely easy. Further, one can share pictures and videos with a digital camera using a USB cord via the Connect Share Movie functionality. It's a plug and play setup, and one can even transfer music from an external device. Adding on to the convenience factor is the fact that the Samsung LED TV needs just two screws to be hung atop a wall, pretty much less than the standard 9 screws that are required by standard wall mount TVs.

Coming back to the screen quality, the real challenge is to maintain a supreme level of picture clarity and detail through colour and light. With Samsung LED TVs, having the Wide Colour Enhancer plus technology that analyses every pixel and stretches them to their 3D limit for the most brilliant picture possible. Samsung LED TVs also enhance the black expression by increasing the transparency ratio and optimising the light's phase in ultra clear panel to reduce the reflection of out light, thereby increasing contrast. A digital noise filter is also present to reduce the analog noise that is often created during the process of transmission, resulting in pictures being reproduced in their true form and clarity.

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Samsung LED: The new dimension of television

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Samsung LED: The new dimension of television

This article was published on 2011/08/19