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The Samsung Impression, after a lot of promotions and hypes, has finally hit the market worldwide. This smart phone arrives with a large stunning touch-screen display and a comfortable QWERTY keyboard, in addition to a reliable and trustable camera. Samsung Impression is a quad-band GSM phone with GPS and Bluetooth features, plus GRPS and WAP enabled higher speed browser. Take a note that it's really an amazing device and you might consider of getting yourself a brand new Samsung Impression even if you already have a mobile.

The Samsung Impression has been designed perfectly in almost every aspect. It has been rounded in the entire proper places. Additionally, there exists a slide-out QWERTY keyboard as well that function really well. Since the entire buttons have been arranged perfectly in the Samsung Impression, navigating all the way through the phone is not a big deal at all.

However, the only thing that I really hated about this model is the location where Lock key has been set. It has been located on the very right side of the handset, on the lower side of the keyboard. It's necessary for you to press and get it on your hold for a few seconds if you want it to be unlocked. The time when you try pressing the lock button, you normally tend to press the left side of the mobile too, which can gradually open the slider causing the display screen to slide over to the right. This is when you'll find it quite touch to maintain your pressure on that particular lock button. Although I had used this handset for a month now, I still find it quite annoying to get this done.

The Samsung Impression arrives with a 3.2" AMOLED display. For your information, AMOLED actually stands for Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode. It's elegant, with vivid, true blacks and bright colors. Moreover, the latest technology helps to reduce the battery consumption to a great extent unlike the traditional LCD screens.

The QWERTY slide-out keyboard is unexpectedly roomy, and it really satisfied me. When it comes to the individual keys, they are quite larger than others, and I truly agree the fact that it's extremely easy to read the identifying labels due to the larger size, of course. You can understand everything written on the keys even if you're living under the rocks where there's not a single light at all because the keys have been designed in such a way that they illuminate in absence of light. Actually, the keys are always illuminated but it turns out more notable yet useful during the night.

Most significantly, you can capture high quality pictures of true color and superb resolution by the help of 3 megapixels camera that comes inbuilt with the Samsung Impression. Since the camera features flash too, you can capture your favorite moments throughout the night too. In nutshell, Samsung Impression is without doubt one among the best phones ever launched by Samsung. The battery life that this incredible mobile phone offers is also unbelievably huge. In fact, I had never regretted on my decision of getting myself a Samsung.

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Samsung Impression

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This article was published on 2010/04/02